Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Knitting Again...

After a brief knitting hiatius brought on by work-related travel and a plague-filled house, I have been able to work on some of my WIPS.
I finally finished my Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk ribbed scarf and I'm just about done with dh's birthday socks (yes, his birthday was in February-bad wife, bad wife). I just have to finish up the toes and I can say good bye to the socks that caused me so much heart ache. Talk about a comedy of errors! I had to rip out the heels at least three times per sock! Each and every time I picked up stitches on the second side of the heel flap I would get a horrible gap where the gusset and the instep met. Then, there is the sweater I'm knitting for my little boy...I'm having trouble picking up the stitches under the arm. What seems to be the trouble? Gaps! Ugh.


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