Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Knitting Clutter

How do you organize your yarn? What about needles? Currently, I am storing my yarn in a few plastic tubs in my closet. I keep my newly acquired stash with current project yarn in a basket next to the couch for quick access. All of my needles have ended up in a small fabric bag, but it is a complete disaster. I dread having to retrieve stitch markers or a tapestry needle because of the tangled mess I have to search through. I am looking for a new way to organize my knitting clutter. So, what do you do to keep the clutter under control?


Blogger Anne-Caroline said...

Hi Jen - I saw your comment on the scarfstyle blog - I am not sure which scarf you are referring to - but in any case, I always do a garter stitch selvedge on all scarves (knit the first and last st of every row). Let me know if this helps!

11:00 AM  
Blogger Tipper said...

Hahahaha! ORGANIZE? What in the world is THAT!

My needles are in three places: my knitting bag, which is stuffed full of odds and ends even though I try my best to keep it "current projects only"; in a plastic shopping bag sitting in a big basket that I bought to put spinning fiber in (needless - ha! I typed "needles" at first - to say, the bag isn't really holding up); and thrown willy-nilly in a box in the closet.

The only needles remotely organized are my DPNs. Since most of them are tiny, they all fit in a little zippered bag I bought for $1 at Target.

When I get ambitious, I'm planning to sew a needle roll for my straights and DPNs, and I'm going to try the pencil-case-in-a-binder method for my circs.

8:33 PM  
Blogger hollyboc said...

I have yarn everywhere. I have a big wicker basket beside the couch for current projects I like to work on. I have a big zippered bag with stash and a few instructional books behind the couch for quick (but out of the way) access. I have short needles and small accessories in an decorative antique correspondence box I keep on a table in the living room. I keep my long needles standing in the corner of the wicker basket. I have knitting magazines in a magazine rack beside my bed. I have the yarn for an afghan project that I work on from time to time in a big hat box ...under the wicker basket beside the couch!!! It's total insanity.

5:46 AM  

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